A Guide to Ashes Lockets

Ashes Lockets are sentimental keepsakes to keep your loved ones, family, pets close to you. Each locket has a small compartment inside in which to store ashes or pieces of hair.  We have designs available that are tailored to family loss, infant and baby loss and the loss of a precious pet. with many including a beautiful pre engraved message on them. 

Included with all of our ashes lockets is a free funnel kit with instructions on how to place the ashes inside the locket.  The locket vial can be accesses via a screw fastening that can be either opened by hand or by the use of a screwdriver, dependent on design.

For you utmost peace of mind, our ashes lockets are all made from hypoallergenic high surgical grade 316L stainless steel and will not rust or tarnish.