A Guide to Harmony Lockets

The concept behind Harmony Lockets was originally intended for expectant mothers to wear near to their belly to help soothe their baby whilst in pregnancy.  

The Harmony Locket originates from Bali, Indonesia and are handcrafted using 925 Sterling Silver and genuine gemstones and crystals.  There are many other variations on the market today that are made from other metals such as brass or copper and plated in silver, gold and sold at a much lower price.   

Harmony Lockets also go by other names such as, Mexican bola, chime balls, harmony balls and angel caller.  They open via a latch mechanism that allows the wearer to open the locket completely to place a little chime ball inside.

Chime balls are made from many materials including brass, copper and even plastic and contain a tiny little xylophone inside that emits a subtle jingle as the locket moves.  This sound can be heard by a baby in the womb and it is said it can help soothe the baby from within.

After the baby is born, many mothers like to place their locket on a shorter chain as this is known to help occupy and soothe the baby when feeding.

Many mothers also pass down these lockets as keepsakes for their child.

Here is a quick and easy guide to show you how to open and change your Harmony Locket and Chime Ball.