A little bit about how Pendique Lockets began

It all started with one woman's dream to start her own business. 

Hi, My name is Nicola, mum to 2 beautiful daughters and owner and creator of Pendique Lockets.   My journey began when I decided to create handmade jewellery to sell online within my own Ebay store.  I sourced materials and self taught how to make beautiful wedding jewellery including special custom request orders for Brides to be and wedding parties  worldwide with great success. 

I was later approached by many customers requesting special beads and jewellery making materials to create their very own jewellery, so I began sourcing suppliers internationally, which gave me the idea to set up my own Jewellery Bead Store.  Although I found it very hard to balance work and my family, I have managed to solely set up, run and maintain a successful business in this field.

Being interested in new and upcoming concepts in the jewellery industry and with several years under my belt selling jewellery making supplies,  I was ready to take another major step and open my 2nd business.  After trial and error with various different jewellery types, I finally came across floating lockets and I instantly fell in love with the whole idea and concept of having gorgeous little charms encapsulated inside a locket, making it extremely personalised to each individual person.

From that moment of discovery, I began my research within the floating glass locket market.  It took several months of constant searching, phone calls and early hours correspondence to international manufacturers to source the best quality possible.  Eventually I managed to locate the top, most reputable manufacturer, who also happens to be the source for the worlds leading living locket  Company in the USA.  It took a further few months of negotiations to finally come up with a deal which would help me to offer the highest  quality products at the best price for the UK market.

Lastly, I had a huge task to face alone, in the creation of a name for my new business,  setting up of a website, photography and social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  This is where I came up with the name Pendique Lockets, an amalgamation of the words 'Pendant' and 'Unique' as every Pendique Locket piece is unique to you.

It's been a very hard task to complete, but I finally have my new business which I am so extremely proud of, growing and expanding day by day.  

UPDATE: We are currently expanding and finding other ways to personalise your beautiful jewellery pieces.

If you have ever wanted to start up your very own business and you have the drive , the vision, the stamina and business acumen, then you can achieve whatever you set your heart to and make your dreams a reality.

I really sincerely hope you like My Story and hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience with us.

Best Wishes

Nicola - Owner & Creator of Pendique Lockets